We yearned for a rural island life. We wanted to surf and farm living in nature close to the gentle ocean. So in 2009 we relocated to Tanegashima!
“Let’s create a guesthouse as a family!!” We have started to challenge ourselves determined to do this, so we could not only sell our all-natural hand-produced vegetables and rice online, but also get a chance to see the happy expressions on our customer’s face as they eat this natural food.

We want to share being Happy & a Smile with everyone in Tanegashima! Be part of the family ♪

Tanegashima Guesthouse HaPiSuMa is close to the southern most part of Cape Kadokura in Tanegashima.
It’s located far from the city in a peaceful area with no distractions around.
Is this your sort of vacation? You gaze at the setting sun in the magnificent Yakushima, have a drink under a clear starry night sky, and wake up in the morning to birds chirping.

While we don’t have any English-speaking staff, we would be happy if we could help you have a fun vacation.
We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

What sort of place is Tanegashima?

Tanegashima is about 43 km south of Cape Sada in the southern tip of the main island in Kagoshima Prefecture and is a long and slender island, which is 58 km in length and 12 km in width.
It’s nearby the world-heritage site Yakushima.
You can experience a free bus tour around the facilities at Tanegashima Space Center and experience the Space and Science Museum inside these facilities.
Surely this is why it’s called the island closest to space!?
It’s a warm island where you can chill or have your fill of marine recreation by surfing or sea-kayaking as well.


We provide casual and original Italian food which brings out the flavor of local ingredients made by the owner and chef.
Please have your fill of an earthenware bowl of our cultivated rice.

Guest Rooms

For the Japanese-style rooms, there is a 6-tatami mat room (up to 3 people) and an 8-tatami mat room (up to 4 people) and the Western-style is a twin room (2 single beds).


A reserved bath that families of 4 can use. There are also chairs and toys for children.

Area Guide

Basic Information

Address6516 Nishino, Minamitane-chō, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima-ken 〒891-3705 Japan

Basic Price List

 One PersonTwo PeopleThree or More People
1-Night Stay (food not included)From 5100 YenFrom 4600 YenFrom 4600 Yen
1-Night Stay with BreakfastFrom 6100 YenFrom 5600 YenFrom 5600 Yen
Daily Original Italian (2 meals included)From 7600 YenFrom 7100 YenFrom 7100 Yen
Japanese Spiny Lobster or Domestic Wagyu Beef (2 meals included)From 9600 YenFrom 9100 YenFrom 9100 Yen

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Without ContactDay-ofDay Before3-2 Days Prior7-4 Days Prior

Guesthouse Interior Summary

Public BathHair dryer, refrigerator, washing machine※1, drying machine※1 ※1 100 Yen for 1 use
RentalsBath towel and face towel set 100 Yen
Sold ItemsTooth brush set 50 Yen
OtherWireless LAN, TV in dining room, air-conditioning in each room, flashlight